foids suck

  1. Spice

    Lesbians are wh*res who hurt weaker males like us.

    Ok so u seen me arguing on that wh*re's post but here is my point Lesbians are wannabe chads basically which means its like a chad stuck inside a females body. Lesbians love to degrade on weaker males because their mentality is full of ignorance, they think they alpha just because they get some...
  2. Oogabooga

    Jfl, Even if we ascended, she'd either fake or be thinking really hard about Gigachad

    In response to a comment on another thread. Heh, the game is honked.
  3. Oogabooga

    I Previously was slightly soyed on the topic of when foids start being Wh0res

    Until last night, when a random memory popped into my head. It was from middle school, and I think I was in a music class. But basically, a foid was giggling and talking to a chad lite and ”teehee I’m not a sl*t”-ing her way into convincing the guy that she wasn’t being fingered and spraying...
  4. Oogabooga

    A theory on why foids come here

    Well, actually I have several. But it really bothers me to see that there’s as many bitches on here as there are. The “teehee research“ is at best a meme, and at worst they're actually wasting their time studying something retаrded for a meme career. But I was thinking and came up with the...
  5. Oogabooga

    Just Spent a few minutes going through a chadfish archive

    Jfl jfl jfl, JFL!!!!!! Foids aren’t people. Humans have the ability to think critically and logically, to control their baser urges and make rational decisions. Foids are critically lacking in this, I don’t know HOW people manage to stay bluepilled after all the painstaking research we’ve done...
  6. notyami

    I went drinking on Saturday (dumb idea)

    So the other day my dumb normie housemate knocked onto my bedroom door and asked if I wanted to go drinking with him and some of his mates. I initially declined, it's not really my thing. He persisted however and said some foids will be joining us and a couple of them are single. He also gave me...
  7. M

    What’s your worst experience with a femoid?

    It can be irl or online. You don’t have to answer, this post is used to rant.
  8. M

    What are some things you would like to know about women?

    Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl. I did not come here to ѕhit on incels, just to figure out how they think. What are some things you don't understand or like about women. It's all anonymous here so ask away. (16, straight)
  9. Hidden

    Meet the richest foid in the world boyyos!

  10. pussyless101

    easy hole access?

    hey. i’m new here, and i’ve seen a few things which has lead me to thinking. who here has tried online dating or dating apps or anything of the sort. some of the foids on there r desp as fuck and will have sex with anything that breathes. everyone’s in the same boat there i assume?
  11. Hidden

    Mother shoots her three children and then her self after losing custody!

    Normies in comment section are blaming the guy, "" he has cold eyes"" lock him up! Jfl women's and normies empathy and logic shines again.
  12. Any1CanHaveLove

    What do incels actually think of “foids”?

    I guess I should disclaim that I’m not trying to start a fight or troll men. I genuinely am interested in hearing how you men view the people of the female sex. Again, I’m not trying to troll but it seems that incels misunderstand/hаte women, and I just want to hear opinions.
  13. Hidden

    Homeless chads are banging foids.

    Jfl at bluepill and red pill fags saying "just get a nice house, car and a job bro !" Literally, drug addict chad who looks jeremy meeks bang highly educated foids, lmao, normies and soy with high education and payment gonna work hard for m'lady while she is banging homeless drug addict chad...
  14. VladtheInhaler

    Reminder that foids can and will do anything to screw non-chads over

    How does the system let them get away with ѕhit like this?
  15. sadcuck

    sl*ts ignore me at the bus stop

    I was waiting for the bus today after work and because I was kinda late already and my handy was dead, I asked two women standing at the bus stop with me for the time. They looked at me for a second, then rolled their eyes and turned away from me. I called them stupid c*nts and took a cab home...
  16. sadcuck

    Foids are mental

    Hello there, I just wanted to state the fact that at least 99% of women are batshit crazy. They lie all the time, they fuck around and have no sense of moral whatsoever. The worst part is that it doesnt even matter, I still need them in my life to be happy eventhough thats clearly not gonna...