1. PolishJames

    Why humans are machines - biggest BLACKPILL

    We are just Animals, machines. There's no "free will". If you're ugly Untermench (below 5/10) or If you have major mental issues like Schizofrenia or Autism. Don't expect to be threated well on school. Normal, healthy people will reject and banish you. Research shows that humans starting their...
  2. V

    Guess what, it’s a Foid .

    Hi , I’m Maze . BEFORE you start blasting away on your keyboards in the comment section about how I’m a “whore foid” or telling me I deserve to be raped or some other disgusting shit. Read this: 1. I’ve been visiting this page since I first heard about it last year . The only reason my account...
  3. W

    yeah i’m a female

    hi guys. i found this site a while ago and read it for entertainment purposes. i don’t mean to be rude, i do understand that some women do the things you all describe. i know many females that do not have good morals, and truly care about looks mostly. but i think it’s unfair to say we are all...