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    The Chad and Stacey that caused First Person Approacher (cyclist that says hi to girls) to be beaten up and hospitalised

    This video shows information about the scumbags that caused First Person Approacher, the gopro wearing cyclist who would talk to girls in the street, to be hospitalised and suffer facial injuries. Courtney Knowles (Stacey) posted a video of the cyclists face onto Facebook and shared it in the...
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    First Person Approacher is being made a pariah in his town in Kent, UK for DARING to speak to femoids

    In the latest twist of events for our hero, 1PA is heckled and threatened with a knife while going to get groceries in his town. Since posting the videos of himself approaching women and saying hi to improve his social skills, there has been a mob of vigilantes on the hunt for 1PA’s head. Only...