1. Letmego

    What's ur fetish guys

    These are just some of them, im interested, if u have some that i didn't mention do say.
  2. Spice

    Necrophillia, gore,murder and torture fetish

    Are u into this kind of stuff incels? Cause sure i am as i always enjoyed foids getting murdered in different ways or tortured. My favourite methods were to see them skinned, drowned, beheaded, cannibalized and most of these stuff u can see on bestgore with nudity hah its just great so tell me...
  3. S

    I have an Incel Fetish

    I’m into guys that can’t get laid. Obviously there’s more to it than just that. I’m basically dominant with guys that just having nothing going for them. Femdom stuff, like edging and milking. I get a little more gentle Fdom if they’ve got a big dick, but are still short and facially/bodily...