1. Uncommon

    Its a fact: femoids have hive minds

    I Still remember how when i was younger and i was a student in the school, how from the moment a femoid started to desire to date a chad, all other femoids desired to date that SAME chad too. Another example: since the moment a femoid rejected or despised a ugly man/poor man, all the other...
  2. I

    First Person Approacher is being made a pariah in his town in Kent, UK for DARING to speak to femoids

    In the latest twist of events for our hero, 1PA is heckled and threatened with a knife while going to get groceries in his town. Since posting the videos of himself approaching women and saying hi to improve his social skills, there has been a mob of vigilantes on the hunt for 1PA’s head. Only...
  3. I

    Incel Approacher is HERE! In the spirit of Surveillance Camera Man and First Person Approacher, watch foids getting absolutely bamboozled by a camera!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> For many months Awkward Creepy Approacher (ACA) has been watching people like Surveillance Camera Man, First Person Approacher and...
  4. Uncommon

    I miss the old star wars

    I miss when like 20 years in the past star wars was about fun and adventure, like in this old star wars videogame: But now, because the fault of the ones who rule the world: because of their fault, now star wars its only about anti-white race and anti-male.
  5. Uncommon

    Remember: the SJWs are hypocrites and femoids are the privileged gender

    Femoids can be anorexic whores like miley cyrus, and still nodoby will shame them...and they will have thousand of men who will want to support them and date them. Femoids can be lesbos that only looked and acted like heterosexuals only to get the attention and money of rich men and after...
  6. LeviathanChris

    I have a new idea + a rant

    Hi, I'm new here and I go by Leviathan. I was thinking that it's the femoids fault that I'm an incel, just think about it, I haven't seen any gay incels. That means that it's the whoreish femoids that reject nice guys like me. I'm tired of getting blocked and rejected by snobbish femoids who...
  7. Uncommon

    Fictional women: cartoons vs movies...

    This is my first topic in the quality central section. If the staff thinks my topic its not good enough for quality central, you can move it to the general discussion section or the off-topic section. Now to the topic: I have noticed that in most cartoons, women are portrayed as friendly...
  8. Tupolev

    Somewhere out of reach

    It's officially Valentines day. So i want to take a moment to take a look at the state of people in 2020, especially femoids in 2020. Do you notice when you look at the eyes of most people, there's nothing there? I mean the eyes are physically there, but there's no life in them. This is...
  9. junejo

    Im a girl AMA ~

    Bonjourno all of you lovely incels, I, am a GIRL. oooooo. Run for the hills! jkjkjk This is an AMA, if you're curious enough or willing to listen, I'll answer any of your incel questions from the perspective of a female.
  10. J

    What do you want from a relationship? Perfect girl?

    BACKGROUND: I am a young female who was interested in learning more about incels and I have looked at posts and forums about them for a very long time because I used to feel and have certain opinions that incels did. I am not attractive and it lead me down this path of self-hatred and other...
  11. kralislashav

    The Dangers of White Women

    I feel that white women are the absolute worst of society. Here are a list of reasons: Their superiority complex because they are the most craved for women of all femoids. They complain about everything! Always fuck chads unless they're fat and ugly. Pretend to be lesbians or bisexual. Mostly...
  12. FemTrails

    When was the last time you showered?

    I'm new to the site and am not sure how everything works. I can't figure out exactly where to post everything or how to gain credibility with you guys since femoids are rampant around here. I have a question for all incels though. I want to know when the last time you showered was? I want to...
  13. Aschen

    "Femoid" traits

    What are your preferences on females, like any physical traits you prefer or ones that are a deal breaker no? Maybe personality traits as well? I've heard a lot of "incels" say height (taller then them), tattoos and chest size are deal breakers. Sorry if this comes off as rude.
  14. lllllilahegao

    I'm actually a femoid, please get some help

    For fucks sake, I just want to mom the fuck out of you guys and grab you all by your gross cheeto stained Black Ops shirt and yell that there are millions "Beta's" getting laid everyday. Maybe if you stopped team-killing, stopped reporting girls for feeding, took a shower, brushed your hair, put...
  15. C

    Women mean nothing to me anymore

    In my younger and more vulnerable years, I fed into the delusion that women are equal to men, but as I gain first-hand experience to this cruel and unyielding world, I learned the truth; women are useless. The only occupations that they should hold are those as sex slaves, maids, and food...