1. Uncommon

    Femoids divide men in 3 groups

    Ok, most of us already know it, but for the ones who do not know it, femoids divide men in 3 groups: 1. The chads: the handsome men and the rich men, they are the men who femoids want to date and want to have sex. They are only like 10% of the men in the world. 2. The manginas/white knights...
  2. Required

    Blowing of some steam

    Don't you hate it when people think they are better then you just because of what they look like (clothes, appearance in general or looks) I sometimes visit this supermarket and there is a girl working there, i think that she thinks she is hot but i think she is fucking ugly (blond, superskinny...
  3. R

    If you had a cock carousel riding slut that had been with 100+ men and you could smash against her will, how would you seek revenge?

    I'm curious to know what some of the most blackpilled of us would be capable of doing. I'm a small, beta-man, ex blue-pilled sub 5 that basically has cucked mentality engraved in his brain, so even with a despicable woman as such, I sadly think I would be shy, submissive and treat her nicely. It...
  4. S

    Can a female be an incel?

    Hi! I’m new to the idea of “incels” Upon reading some threads (or forums) I came to the realisation that I am An involuntary celibate I am a female Early 20’s I prefer a mental connection with a male (We both get off to the same things) So my question is... because I find it hard to open...
  5. kralislashav

    Question for incels who have had girlfriends

    Were they white? And if so how were they. Only have interest in the white section of femoids.
  6. kralislashav

    Femoid Nurse completely ruined my surgery

    I’ve never imagined that a white femoid would make it anywhere in med school but they do, and this specific one decided to ignore the “are you sexually active“ question. Thanks for assuming, femoid. At least the drugs they put me on felt good.
  7. M

    What’s your worst experience with a femoid?

    It can be irl or online. You don’t have to answer, this post is used to rant.
  8. Bunny

    How am I supposed to act as female to be approved of?

    I found a lot of things not to do, and the things I should do seem confusing. Or maybe I'm just dumb and illiterate. You generally say we should give shy/''ugly'' men a chance in dating, maybe even hook up with them. But wouldnt that make you a slut, which you dont approve of either? I...
  9. E

    i’m a female. ask me anything.

    i’m a female looking to get insight on the incel world view by seeing what questions you have for me (not sure if that makes sense) i’ll try my best to answer each question to the best of my knowledge and will do my best to not come off as rude (i can do that sometimes, sorry if that happens...
  10. J

    What do you want from a relationship? Perfect girl?

    BACKGROUND: I am a young female who was interested in learning more about incels and I have looked at posts and forums about them for a very long time because I used to feel and have certain opinions that incels did. I am not attractive and it lead me down this path of self-hatred and other...
  11. FemTrails

    When was the last time you showered?

    I'm new to the site and am not sure how everything works. I can't figure out exactly where to post everything or how to gain credibility with you guys since femoids are rampant around here. I have a question for all incels though. I want to know when the last time you showered was? I want to...
  12. cookiesncream

    yo i’m a girl and wanna talk

    i’m curious why all you all hate women so you can jus harass me or inform me