1. Uncommon

    The future of the female sports...

    In those 2 videos you can see what its happening in the female sports: And you can thank it to the "political correct" agenda of the jews, the SJWs, the lgbt and the feminazis. Your opinion?
  2. Uncommon

    I really miss the fanservice of the videogames of the past

    I still remember how in a lot of old videogames, there used to be a lot of fanservice of beatiful female characters...but now, because of the "political correct" agenda of the jews, the feminazis and the SJWs, there are not anymore... i still remember how orchid from the videogame killer...
  3. Now Enlightened

    Do you feel frustrated that women are the privilege gender? {Excluding dating. Social Norms in general}

    Here in my country, women are treated better by society. We all know that in this forum but culture is still different. Here are some of my experiences against the privilege gender: -Subway/Trains/Metros...In here, women have a separated wagons/carts. What does this mean? It means, that only...
  4. Uncommon

    I have noticed that jews are, sort of, the same scum as the nazis

    The jews always claim to hate the nazis, and the jews, being the owners of the media, always portray the nazis as the worst scum in the world. But, how different are the jews form the nazis? looks like not much. 1. The nazis used to claim to be "the chosen raсe"(arian raсe), and the jews claim...
  5. Uncommon

    Whats your opinion about the lbgt?

    I think the lbgt are no more than mental ill humans. They only talk about what favors them(like their parades) but never talk about what does not favors them(jeffrey dahmer, aileen carol wuornos, john wayne gacy, etc.). They claim to want equality but they only want privileges(like the...