1. femaleincelx


    i'm so fucking sick of all these men and their fucking standards. that we need to be smooth , not have stretch marks , dont be fucking fat but you better be thicc. fuck you. no matter what i've done i've never been enough to any fucking man. You all claim it's so fucking easy. no matter what...
  2. femaleincelx

    Can't believe the ignorance.

    Can't believe some male incels , treat us female incels like shit. If you wanted to love a girl so much you'd be more respectful. If they didnt want girls on here they wouldn;t have a female gender option. What betrayals to their own kind.
  3. pussyless101

    easy hole access?

    hey. i’m new here, and i’ve seen a few things which has lead me to thinking. who here has tried online dating or dating apps or anything of the sort. some of the foids on there r desp as fuck and will have sex with anything that breathes. everyone’s in the same boat there i assume?
  4. bubblebaby

    Can females be femcels?

    So i slightly identify as a femcel (if you wanna see my explanation just look at my recent activity i guess) but do you believe that women can be incels? I know a lot of incels hate the idea that some women consider themselves that, do you? Not every incel is the same and everyone’s viewpoints...
  5. Sweet’n’Bad

    20yo girl with no experience

    Hi. I really want to know what do you guys think about virgins. People often tell me that I’m beautifull and they are surprised that I’m still a virgin but I’ve been in a dark place for a really long time because of a terrible people and I don’t think I can give myself to anyone just because...