1. J

    Femcels lol

  2. Augustan Isidor

    Listen up Inkler, it's only natural that your genes die off and the best pass on

    Meanwhile... Foid with Treacher Collins syndrome is able to produce truecel https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/son-wonder-like-auggie-look-11645169 The same idiots: "Yasss Queen!!" :soycuck::soycuck::soycuck:
  3. D

    More Proof that Femcels are full of shit

    So in case you aren't aware there are a few femcel forums that i frequent on reddit, I usually lurk and read some of the stuff, a few of them are: r/trufemcels, r/theglowup, r/femaledatingstrategey, and r/pinkpillfeminism. Ignoring the hypocripsy of r/incel being taken down but apparently it's...