1. monkTorture

    Tarantula Chick Garden

    I am making this post/section for an incel Art Garden BUT I CANNOT UPLOAD IMAGES ?
  2. D

    Quick question

    Can females be incels? Just curious
  3. B

    Femoids on here

    Why? Literally even the ones who are respectful are still femoids, they won’t date us, and with the undercover Antifas who knows. They can pretend to relate, but will never relate. I truly believe no femoids on here should be allowed outside the bluepill or off topic categories. I seen multiple...
  4. wispyola

    why do female 'friends' friendzone me

    female beckys often say 'if you want females then be nice to them' well i am nice to them and the sl*ts reduce me to their 'bestfriend' while they go after chads who will use and abuse them. why ignore a gentleman like me
  5. PigfacedWaltz

    Female virgin is mocking me what do I do

    I'm new here and this is my first post So there's this female that I go to school with, I've noticed that unlike other females, this one doesn't look at me with spite in her eyes. It's like she sees me as a regular person, but now I'm starting to think it's too good to be true. I managed to get...
  6. C


    What’s the worst type of Stacey?