1. Tupolev

    First femoid Green Beret (WHAT A JOKE)

    So after the U.S opened combat positions to femoids in the military...we now have our first special forces femoid JFL. I'm betting she'll never serve a single second in combat. Imagine the liability and burden she would put upon the shoulders of the Army, if she were actually deployed to the...
  2. N

    Tips for losing your virginity❤️

    •respect women •ask for consent That’s it. That’s all it takes. It has nothing to do with your attractiveness. Y’all are just sexist. Women don’t want to sleep with sexist assholes. (I’m gonna get banned for this, aren’t I? )
  3. S

    I have an Incel Fetish

    I’m into guys that can’t get laid. Obviously there’s more to it than just that. I’m basically dominant with guys that just having nothing going for them. Femdom stuff, like edging and milking. I get a little more gentle Fdom if they’ve got a big dick, but are still short and facially/bodily...
  4. L

    Q&A With a Foid

    You heard right, folks. Ask away, if you want, and I will answer any questions you have. Yes, I'm a female. No, I am not on here because i'm "just curious, teehee." I will answer as honestly as I can, and I don't speak for all females. I will not shame you, and I will not be mean in any way. If...
  5. femaleincelx

    Female incel problems

    As a female incel , i hate seeing fucking chads. as if they deserve alll these girls for being assholes. As if i couldn't treat them right , insteas the bimbo bitch wants chad and he wants her. ugh. i can't believe just because they're so narcissitic they all flock together. maybe it's cause im...
  6. Rey <3

    Female Bluepill and Egalitarian here, ask me anything :)

    Hello my friends! I am a 19 year old student from Europe and a radical feminist (egalitarian to Americans because american feminism is fucked up). I registered to this forum because I am open to getting to know different opinions to mine. In the replies you may ask me any question about my...
  7. femmbotxcx

    girl here, was genuinally wondering what the average dick size of an incel is

    I was wondering if it was below average or not and that's why you think youre not good enough
  8. E

    I want to know information about the incel community

    Hi! I was wanting to know what exactly incels beliefs on certain things or anything really. I'm a Bi female and i don't really know much? Please drop some facts/info in the thread or ask questions! :)
  9. A

    A non-incel female who has some questions

    Hi I am a female from Scandinavia, so pardon my English. I have some questions if you guys don’t mind. I don’t know if you know this but Scandinavia has set the record for the most female and gay friendly countries in the world. And I’m so happy for that, feminism and equality is really on the...
  10. PigfacedWaltz

    The one thing girls do that just seems dumb to me

    This is kinda just a vent So as an artist, you draw what you want be it original art, fanart, men, women, animals, anything really. I've noticed that when it comes to male artists they get criticized for drawing women in a provacative manner, especially if it's a female superhero and then they...
  11. PigfacedWaltz

    The Incel algorithm broken down to it's basic component

    Now I'm not an artist just kidding I am but I drew a diagram for you to look at. Be sure to take notes because this will be on the test tomorrow, it's a 100 point test so if you fail then you fail the whole semester Take this with a grain of salt, if you get offended that sounds like a personal...
  12. E

    i’m a female. ask me anything.

    i’m a female looking to get insight on the incel world view by seeing what questions you have for me (not sure if that makes sense) i’ll try my best to answer each question to the best of my knowledge and will do my best to not come off as rude (i can do that sometimes, sorry if that happens...
  13. Moody

    Men slaves

    Hello, this day i saw one of my friends beaten up HARD and when i ask him why, he sead that he tried to approach a foid he liked but that foid didnt do, SHE actually was disgusted from him and felt ashamed i SAW HER face and instead of telling him that she didnt like him, she actually told 3 of...
  14. H

    Why is this place so blatantly sexist?

    For a group that claims to be nice and not sexist, I'm surprised this website has denied me my right to speak just because I'm female . This is discrimination. And yeah bluepilled people are restricted as well but that's an ideology, so I can understand that, but the fact that even if I was...
  15. D


    Q What is BBS?
  16. D

    What do you think

    Q What do you think of Latina females
  17. Yikes

    Don’t Get Stuck

    Before I start off: I have no reason or interest in lying to any of you. I don’t think I’m even going to bother to check back after I post. I’m just genuinely concerned for a lot of you. I am: A bisexual female, so I have successfully experienced myself both being and dating women (so I’m sure...