female privilege

  1. J

    This Is How Even Extremely Attractive Men Get Treated

    Imagine how bad he'd have it if he was mediocre looking?
  2. daredevils404

    Is there something wrong with me

    I keep having fantasies about every woman I come across. The other day my older cousin was round and she is just so perfect and breathtaking i had to go to the bathroom and jerk it off. A woman at my local grocery store always sees me each morning when i get food and i think about her a lot too...
  3. yakstan

    I cheated on my “gay Pοrn” diet and worry of giving into temptation is getting worse.

    I apologize for starting a new thread this quick after starting my first one, but it was really just a copy and paste of a draft I had in my Notes app for a few weeks now and I realized that if I want adequate responses I should rather talk about the now instead of the then. If you haven’t read...
  4. yakstan

    I’ve been getting off looking at men rather than women purely just because I don’t want to get my hopes up.

    I’m new here so I don’t really know how to word this. Sorry if I ramble. I literally cannot look at women without getting a feeling a mixed anger, sadness, and jealously. Part of me wants to be them (I’m not trans, but you know what I mean) and part of me just wants to just.. loose it. I cant...
  5. EdgarTheDog64


    This is Terry Davis, a man in his late forties. He created his own operating system which has had multiple iterations and made his variation of C, "HolyC". He suffers from bipolar and schizophrenia later on in his life. Because of it, he was unemployed for the rest of his adult life and lived...
  6. supercell

    male privilege thread

  7. supercell

    men dont get the credit we deserve

    most men are constantly trying to make the world a better place for women at every turn, if your a woman that doesnt have a place to stay? luckily for you there are numerous homeless shelters that will take only you, or you could just find a guy with his own place and leech off him! are you a...
  8. supercell

    male privilege debunked (IT will never touch this)

    if males have privilege why are over 70% of suіcіdes men? if males have privilege why are 92% of workplace fatalities men? https://www.investors.com/politics/commentary/how-come-nobody-talks-about-the-gender-workplace-death-gap/ if males have privilege why is there a male loneliness epidemic? if...
  9. Sadsack

    "FIXING THE PROBLEM" We need to ban dating apps,abortion,and fix divorce

    1.ban dating apps: because women are only going to choose chads. 2.Women will abort there child just because she still wants to fool around. and yes that really fucked up. 3.fixing the court system will drastically fix marriage because if she is not getting...
  10. Uncommon

    Comparing men with mental disabilities vs femoids with mental disabilities...the society its feminazi

    Its a double standard, the society treats men with mental disabilities like garbage but femoids with mental disabilities can earn lots of money simply for having mental disabilties. As we can see in the movie "joker" of the 2019: - everyone wanted to beat him up. - everyone laughed at him for...
  11. Uncommon

    At wich age you discovered women are the privileged gender?

    i discovered it when i was around 10 years old, when a female classmate wich was 15 inches taller than me and 66 pounds heavier than me hit me, but when i dared to hit her back, everyone taged me as a coward and i was nearly sent to the principal office. At that same age, i saw too how the...
  12. lordoftheincels

    Strong empath solutions.

    Yes what is needed is a society of strong empaths... Yes in a democracy, freedom of speech is allowed, people are allowed to coexist, even if they have unsavory views. It is important to stand strong against the haters, smearers etc. It is important not to immediately ban those with unsavory...