1. Solo Disident

    People interested in talking about shitty/abusive families. Specially feminist ones

    Thought some people will want to talk about this. My parents have been gaslighting me for as long as I can remember. They abandoned me since I was a child. Didnt spent a minute taking care of their children wich make you wonder why they breeded in the first place? As for today Im pretty much a...
  2. Solo Disident

    How do you deal with a cucked family??

    My mom is a feminist. My father is the biggest mangina you will find on the planet. My brother is an asshole. My entire familly is SJWs. My little cousing is an intersectional feminist allready with 13. How doy you cope with it?? How do you go over not wanting to kill them? The fucking racist...
  3. NuclearRedfield

    Black pill overdose?

    im struggling to cope. i am 23. I use to cope by looks maxing. Last year, I ran a half marsthon and started to improved my thinning hair thinking that, that would fix my attraction issues. So i ran the half marsthon, looks maxed by getting to 185 lb and was really slim. So i used new photos on...
  4. Letmego

    The Easter is coming and i have to spend it with family

    So the Easter is coming soon on Sunday and i will have to spend all day with my '' lovely " family. With 3 females, just beautiful it makes me want to rope. One day would be somewhat okay but in the days before that we have to paint around 50 or 60 eggs with the help of extended family that is...