1. T

    Phony incel?

    I have this acquaintence who keeps claiming yo be incel like me but after finding his social media, I suspect he is only pretending to be. perhaps to learn more about me so he can make fun of me. this is him
  2. nonamer

    Why are there so many fake incels flooding into the website?

    I know this is very hard to control, but is there like something that can prevent fake incels that are neoliberalist to go into the website, can there be like a test that prevents this from happening? I literally saw like 2 users got banned because one trolled, and one said that he hopes the...
  3. lllllilahegao

    I'm actually a femoid, please get some help

    For fucks sake, I just want to mom the fuck out of you guys and grab you all by your gross cheeto stained Black Ops shirt and yell that there are millions "Beta's" getting laid everyday. Maybe if you stopped team-killing, stopped reporting girls for feeding, took a shower, brushed your hair, put...