1. Lordgoro

    SO where does your nature lie? Good, EVIL, or neutral?

    Supposedly our society is on the "good" side", but it really isnt.. NOTHing is as MODIFIABLE as MORALITY!! So tell me your TRUE NATURE!! Are you on the side of society, and just wish for a NORMAL life? Good job, money, wife, family, etc? Would you be a normie if you could? Are you on...
  2. T

    Behold a true prophet of God

    Let us follow him dear brothers in the war against these evils
  3. Spice

    A fucked up woman who kills cats for attention

    So basically there is this fucked up bitch who kills cats for attention on some fucking shitty platform so what she does is she skins cats then post it on tiktok then the normies asked her why she does this lol and guess what her fucking excuse was? Because she was raped by her Chad boyfriend or...
  4. Lordgoro

    Generation Z SLU-T doing what sl*ts do, with a corona twist!