elliot rodger

  1. Augustan Isidor

    Tomorrow will be the 6th anniversary of the "Day of Retribution".

    Tomorrow will be the 6th anniversary of the "Day of Retribution", a day I hold special and dear to my heart. A day in which we remember the life and time of a young man, who's life was taken early. Indeed, if it were not for Ellіot Rodger taking to the streets of Isla Vista that day, most of...
  2. Wristlet_2

    [ERfuel] The worst day in Ellіot Rodger's life. Brutal.

    Brutal tbh. Some normies use this as an example of how Ellіot was entitled etc, but honestly: Notice how, in the ledge, some chads got in there, and then some girls followed and hit on them. Without them doing anything. This was probably commonplace in Isla Vista, Ellіot was used to seeing...
  3. Oogabooga

    Get ready for more glowies and soys

    https://globalnews.ca/news/6910670/toronto-spa-terrorism-incel/ Was an ugly whore so nothing of value was lost tbh, tho I’m suspicious of this. Pointless violence by a retardcel if the police are to be believed, tho I don’t as of right now since Cucknada is such A soy filled shithole. Frankly...
  4. Wristlet_2

    Despite what ITers may say about us, I wish the Isla Vista event hadn't happened and I feel for all the victims.

    Including Ellіot Rodger, that is. He should be listed as a victim too. Not only did he die, but he also suffered all his life up until that point, and had to exact his retribution even though he'd much rather have gotten a girlfriend. I also of course condemn the people responsible for such...
  5. Oogabooga

    The supreme Gentleman and Biggie Smalls?

    Completely off topic question I know, but I remember seeing a video a while ago and he was just driving and bobbing his head to Biggie, and it was the funniest shit in the world. Does anyone know where I could find it?
  6. A

    RØT - Metal Band With Incels Based Lyrics

    So I came across this song from the band Røt and I was wondering what you guys think about it. Røt is a very violent and aggressive metal band from Italy and basically all their lyrics talk about Incels, mainly in their most negative and extreme sides. I also heard another song where they put...