1. Slap

    Create Your Own City in Lucid Dreams And Become The Dictator You've Always Dreamed About

    First of all, you have to become aware that you're dreaming within a dream. You can do reality checks during the day as a form of habit and eventually you will do a reality check in the dream itself. If you take a look at your dream hand, your fingers will melt into stumps. This will shock you...
  2. fuckyougenetics

    Sometimes I Dream

    Sometimes I dream about having someone and finally being happy. I pour my heart out and it seems like the best day of my life. I once had a dream where I was so happy I cried. Then I woke up.
  3. Tupolev

    Anyone else sleepmaxxing?

    I find that the state of sleeping (whether dreaming or not) to be what's best for me. I prefer to dream, but even if i don't, sleep is as close as i can get to either existing in an alternative reality, or not existing at all.
  4. Lordgoro

    TO my Incel Brothers, whats your HIGHEST GOAL or DREAM in your LIFE?

    Besides getting laid(obviously).. What would be your HIGHEST goal to see happen in existence? Doesnt matter how CRAZY it is, I wanna HEAR IT!!! What do you want to see HAPPEN in your lifetime? PLEASE ALL REPLY my brothers, and be HONEST!!!