1. E

    Sponsoring girls

    I made this account just to ask if spending money on girls is considered as an incel thing? Like, i dont want anything from her, it just pains me when she can’t get the things she wants
  2. OVERbite


    Anyone have thoughts on dogmaxxing? No it’s not what it seems, just that when you have been so lonely and so deprived of any physical contact and companionship for so long due to your ugliness, owning a dog may be a decent cope, because the dog may keep you company and will like you. Also...
  3. Hidden

    [Vent] Why do people like dogs so much?

    Not trying to offend dog loving brocels here but I really don't get it, why you guys love dogs ? I think the dogs are too overrated in the society. They're gross, they are loud, truly imo their barking is just so awful , they mess everything up in the house, they are SO annoying with their lot...