1. ortharzeal

    Reminder to any "virgin but not incel watchdog of incels"

    She will never love you and she will never have as much sex with you as with an actual watch dog of hers.
  2. R

    Pets only obey non-ugly owners

    So ugly that even they cannot comprehend whether you are human or foe.
  3. Oogabooga

    Dog piled without even looking for it

    Absolute kek Link:
  4. Hidden

    [Brutal] Dog Pill thread

    It's over if you are not a dog or a giga chad.......
  5. Augustan Isidor

    Tik Tok dog pill, girl walks infront of her dog naked, can you guess what happened afterwards? So there was this trend on tik tok where the girlfriend would walk into her boyfriend naked to record their reaction, it's suіcіde fuel. This one however shows the girl walking naked in front of her dog, can you guess what happened afterwards?
  6. EdgarTheDog64

    It's a dog eat dog world out there, what would you choose?

    Who would you stick your dick into if you get the chance (hypothetically)?
  7. reg509

    Women can get away with anything.

    It's basically impossible these days for a female, or anything that calls itself a female, to be properly labeled with a mental disorder. Take for instance this video below, pure honkpill absurdity. What pisses me off so much about this is that I just know a man couldn't even dream of getting...