1. Hidden

    [Serious] Is IT (r/IncelTear) a nazі sub?

    I've noticed that all of the posters on IT are straight white males (even the "as a female" posters on there coincidentally happen to have penises) who spend their time hating marginalized & troubled men who are usually ethnic (non-white) and have disabilities (such as autism, being born very...
  2. Lanklet

    Thoughts on White People Using the N-Word

    As a white Nіgga, do you guys feel that I am allotted the authority, or much less the PRIVILEGE to say this word despite its controversial roots and strict modern usage. Is it merely a word that anyone can freely voice, or should its usage be present only among african american individuals?
  3. SomaliPirate

    How did you become a brocel?

    I’m curious about what other people on this site’s experience is compared to mine. I first heard the word incel around 2018 due to the amount of news articles and memes talking about incels. People said they were violent and racist but it didn’t seem like that was the case. I would joke with my...
  4. Spice

    A lot of women are so fucked up in the head that they themselves like to be called daddy now instead of mommy

    As title says so i wanna ask u this incel folks have u noticed this degenerate ѕhit happening? Where a dumb slutty foid would want to be called that ѕhit because as far as i know i heard it many times which to me sounds fucked up but it makes sense since foid want to act like male for the chad...
  5. UnDinkstered

    Abortion Topic

    So I've thought about making a list of arguments against abortion from myself, and pro for those, that I've heard from people, and decided to also counterargue them, and then upload here to everyone to see and think about it. And also to make the topics a bit more diverse and thoughtful, and...