1. Uncommon

    Short man problems vs tall femoid problems...the society is feminazi

    i was watching this video: So, according to tall height femoids, they problems are: 1. They have to wear big shoes, big clothes, etc. 2. They complain that cannot get chads. So...as a short height man, i have noticed that a short man problems are by way harder, so lets compare them, these...
  2. TournelHenry

    A scene from a fictional Crime TV show that demo

    This Video Snippet is from Season 2, Episode 9 of a fiction Crime TV show, "Criminal Minds". It shows a woman admitting to showing attention to a man who simply wanted to ask a simple favour because "He was handsome". When the FBI agent asks "Was he handsome?", she responds "Yeah. He was...
  3. kralislashav

    Foid threw her trash at me at McDonald's

    I was sitting in line to get my regular order: Big Mac with mayo instead of mac sauce. Suddenly, I avert my attention to the foid directly next to me. She ordered a coffee and took one look at me and scoffed. Well, I take my leave and the same foid throws her balled up napkins at me. Fucking...