1. sefus

    Just got my 20th discord account disabled, this was the reason

    "Hello, Discord is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment for our community. We've found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. As a result, we've disabled your account for the following reason: Your account made threats against another...
  2. sefus

    I have been banned a total of 19 times on discord

    Yep, i counted it, 19 accounts, mostly alt accounts have been banned via the nazi mods, mostly for shitposting and being ironically racist, other times not so much, may go into detail may not.
  3. Spice

    Important if you use discord: Discord is implementing some fucked up third party feature

    So one of my boyo friends called Uggo Mongo from Dark MTTS server posted a picture of Discord saying something within those lines: It might seem like some troll photoshop post but wait until you see this: https://blog.discord.com/our-stand-on-racial-equality-320088e83a22 So what this means is...
  4. C

    Is there a incel.net discord server?

    Just wanted to know