1. Hidden

    [Serious] Is IT (r/IncelTear) a nazі sub?

    I've noticed that all of the posters on IT are straight white males (even the "as a female" posters on there coincidentally happen to have penises) who spend their time hating marginalized & troubled men who are usually ethnic (non-white) and have disabilities (such as autism, being born very...
  2. Silverwolf96

    Should I do it?

    I've been wondering, should I try going for a mentally impaired femoid? My logic being that they might struggle to understand the concept of SMV and thus not "price" themselves within the right tier lvl. Like I don't want one without legs or one who sits drooling in the corner, more like a...
  3. Oogabooga

    St.Disabled Chad Made the Front page of Plebbit

    Based saint disabled chadcel, frame mogged by a brutal dogpill.Jfl. His account, if interested in seeing more
  4. StutteringRetard

    Is Stuttering Incel?

    I was born with a severe speech impediment that pretty much made my life a joke. From day of birth to today. I was the laughing stock of my class and reminded of it on the daily. No one respects me or even looks at me in the face while I speak. I can't make something happen between me and a girl...