1. No dick nick

    Gone but not forgotten

    I've been noticing a few different accounts who suddenly stopped being active after a goodbye message or so, I do hope they are alright and have just stopped communicating with the site. Do you have accounts who you were following that suddenly went quiet and you suspect they died? Or any public...
  2. Oogabooga

    (Incel Trait) Any dream you have where women appear is awful

    I had this one last night where this one girl I sort of liked for a while showed up. I was going to a fast food restaurant for some tendies (kek) and I ran into a guy I knew. Sort of a pretty boy sportsmaxxer. She was there with him and like 4 other guys. It was only a dream, but it was...
  3. M

    lockdown sent me crazy

    quarantine has officially sent me crazy. there’s mess and ѕhit all over my walls. i’ve lost my job. all my income has gone to girls onlyfans. how do i getting persuaded by women to subscribe to their onlyfans
  4. TheIncelosopher

    I'm not afraid of the Coronavirus, and here's my personal reason why

    People and normies I meet, including my own family, are puzzled on why I have said over and over again, in comparison to the outside society who overreacts like it's the end of the world, I have expressed ZERO concern or fear of the coronavirus. I've made posts before on FB, Reddit and here that...
  5. Oogabooga

    Brutal depiction of the differences in our lives

    I don’t have anything to say on this
  6. Oogabooga

    “Ohhh, why is everyone so upset about this girl? If it was me dying from loneliness, you’d walk right over me!”

    IT’s response to the autistic Stacy roping. But of course, her life has more value than ours. Heh. Hahaha. Ha.
  7. K

    I miss the old days

    Sometimes i find my self drown full of hatred for woman and soyciety , im mean real hate the kind of a mad man , i dont want that .. i dont want to fall that path , to be evil and cold hearted , to be sad ...i dont want to hate woman....but they hate me for what i am .. Im sometimes...
  8. F

    Why rate people?

    I just think it’s depressing rating people by numbers and names. And ultimately yourself. Do you feel like you have to, and can you stop if you wanted to?
  9. Oogabooga

    Women are more “empathetic”, depressing anecdotal black pill (long)

    I genuinely believe that the average hundredth is far more evil than most of us could ever actually be, and part of it is because they don’t get punished. I know that many guys here have gotten bullied by them, and haven’t been able to retaliate whatsoever. TLDR at bottom. As an example, when I...
  10. A

    Should I just give up?

    Should I just give up? 30 yrs old curry here, 64 kilos, 5ft6". I literally look like a matchstick figure. Haven't had physical relation in over 5 yrs. Suffered from various ailments in my life (skin diseases, mental disorders). The most recent one has me on my wit's end. I literally smell like...
  11. S

    Admitted to the psych ward

    The reason I've been inactive for a little while is because I was admitted to a psychiatric ward for teenagers. I guess this is the help you guys said I needed, I've been sober for a month and they put me on Prozac which I suppose is a step in the right direction. As I'm not so much of a risk as...
  12. reg509

    My dissociative disorder is going to kill me

    I've don't talk much about it on here but as you could probably expect, I've had severe mental issues since I was born, this post is about the worst of them all. It started sometime in late 2016 when I began forgetting words, nothing to get too worried about. Then I started forgetting simple...
  13. E


  14. E