1. pussyslayer 649

    I might not be able to further my education

    I might be failing my courses due to lack of motivation to study during this online class season, it is entirely my fault, I might not be able to go to the next classes because my dad said that he will not pay for any class that I repeat, I should look for the money to pay for that, my education...
  2. Lunaticel

    I wish only answers from other mentalcels, any expectation about your life?

    I'm not kidding or anything tbfh, but I find me on a dead end hole. A little summary: >NEET. >Emotionally unstable and severe social anxiety. >Bipolar or BPD tendencies, even without diagnosis. >Terrible to talk with any female, "ghosting" in any pseudo-dating from online communities. >Weird...