1. Spice The Baby

    Foids and their degenerate fetishes (part 2)

    Alright so i did make a post about about how foids are fucked up etc u get the idea however this time its a bit different and could be upsetting for most people if not i don't judge you so basically there was a video i saw how foids crush up animals like cats, dogs etc like some fucked up snuff...
  2. Spice The Baby

    A lot of women are so fucked up in the head that they themselves like to be called daddy now instead of mommy

    As title says so i wanna ask u this incel folks have u noticed this degenerate ѕhit happening? Where a dumb slutty foid would want to be called that ѕhit because as far as i know i heard it many times which to me sounds fucked up but it makes sense since foid want to act like male for the chad...