1. TheIncelosopher

    Speed Dating Blackpill

    Summary: Men are at least honest and self-aware about what they want to look in a woman. It's looks. Meanwhile, women on the other hand, when asked about what they want in a man, they claim to prefer Intelligence the most, but when asked what they think about what other women want, they claim...
  2. WelcomeToMyDNA

    Made two dating accounts as an experiment

    - One of the accounts I used a good looking man -- a "chadlite". - The other account I used myself I messaged different women on both accounts telling them I was an incel. On the good looking guys account, the women said things like "that's attractive" and "it's a turn on when a guy is a...
  3. Moody

    tall women

    hello, I happened to only like tall women "same height or taller" i know it may seem weird but thats just what i like. and all my life with women, alot of them approach me but they arent the types i like they just added problemes to my life and most of the time they were cheating and because i...
  4. Iloveredheds

    Highschool Redhead

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here when I was talking to a couple of my friends at lunch the other day they recommended that I go on this form to get help with my celibacy and maybe even girls, so here I am asking you guys for help with this really really attractive, really funny really...