1. Stear2700

    This curry mogs me to the outer space

  2. EdgarTheDog64

    Teen Chadlites prank curry, they end up dead instead
  3. A

    Should I just give up?

    Should I just give up? 30 yrs old curry here, 64 kilos, 5ft6". I literally look like a matchstick figure. Haven't had physical relation in over 5 yrs. Suffered from various ailments in my life (skin diseases, mental disorders). The most recent one has me on my wit's end. I literally smell like...
  4. C

    6 Foot and full head of hair mean nothing when your a Curry

    Yh I know because I am one. Not indian but curry. So for my fellow currycels and ethinicels i just wanna say Its Over. This culture wasnt meant for us. O.V.E.R I get that you short bastards are discriminated against but my situation is worse, im 25 virgin. Ive seen 5ft + guys (white/black) get...