1. Y

    Got a girlfriend

    Right cucks, I got myself a gf; this is how I did it Last night (Saturday) I was out drinking with a buddy and marched up to the nearest foid because I’m fuckin sick of being single and slammed a drink down in front of her and ordered her to drink it, she necked it in seconds and asked me “who...
  2. N

    Johnny Depp is a cuck

    He was cucked by Amber Heard multiple times with multiple people, men and women. There's a recording where he desperately begs her to cut him because he's too cowardly to cut himself like any 14 year old girl. In every recording he's a cucked bumbling baby while she's cold and in control...
  3. Wristlet_2

    Average, non blackpilled males (cucks) are literally society's paypigs JFL

    They finance onlyfans thots lifestyles with their subscriptions They betabux for chad's leftovers after college They pay Tinder subscriptions so it can be free for chads and foids They consume a lot and keep the economy running so chads and foids can live it up, while their lives suck anyway...
  4. supercell

    why women are submissive

    (warning brutal truthpill ahead) women are naturally illogical and highly emotional there wild and feel the need to be controlled there also naturally insecure which makes them put down and bully men like us they use this as an ego boost. with all these hormones and anxiety its much easier for...
  5. supercell

    male privilege thread

  6. S


    So essentially there isn’t much to this but I recently have been red pilled by some of my friends and the issues I’ve gone through in my life Let me tell you, my real name is kelvin and I’m 16 I had dated this girl for 2 years and let’s just say I’m not the biggest chad cus Im not a chad at all...
  7. T

    Don't you guys realise that your the epitome of toxic masculinity?

    Let me explain. Your not a hung Tyrone with a BBC. So you will NEVER be as attractive to women and that's just a fact. Pretending otherwise is futile. Women owe you Nothing. So don't be demand to be treated the Same. UNLESS you have something to offer,(money, loyalty and respect) Honesty is the...
  8. Kurdey

    Have you seen a cuckmaxxer in real life before?

    Just today at school some dude shows up in my english class and was literally cuckmaxxing the hell out of this girl that already has so many orbiters around her. it was such a surreal thing to see, dude was being autistic and said "oh she's my best friend and i love her." to the teacher man, it...
  9. Moody

    Men slaves

    Hello, this day i saw one of my friends beaten up HARD and when i ask him why, he sead that he tried to approach a foid he liked but that foid didnt do, SHE actually was disgusted from him and felt ashamed i SAW HER face and instead of telling him that she didnt like him, she actually told 3 of...