1. T

    Can you believe this bullshit article?

    Just another article to bash and chastise men. This was written by a simp as well. Look at the reason he came up with for men not wearing masks. It never occurred to him that men think for themselves and know this virus is a joke. The men are not afraid of death, we are at peace with it. A virus...
  2. DarkMTS_57

    Corona-chan UPDATE!!! - You can´t stop progress ( 200K+ Infected )

    :ghost: WoW Preps me. Buddy boyos, hide yourselves well inside your basements with lots of food, drinks and vidya/anime ( like me lol ) This girl is aiming for the high score.
  3. Tupolev

    I would be perfectly happy if coronavirus remained a threat forever!

    Look at all the public gatherings of normies being canceled. The major league sports are having to cancel their seasons. I wouldn't mind if popular sporting events went bye bye for good. Look at the normie festivals being canceled, i don't care one single iota about them. Look at all the...