1. Letmego

    Guess what is the best gift I got for my birthday

    Corona My birthday is on 10th September but I will likely have it even then. Got my results today. I have big shitty headaches, my sore throat is killing me, it's hard to swallow even my fucking saliva and then there's a temperature of 38.6 C Fucking great, both my mother and I are infected but...
  2. Letmego

    I was protesting yesterday

    I was there yesterday i shit my pants out of fear but am i going tonight too? Yes. There was only me and my friend then but now my mom and his dad are coming too. U see police is very brutal here, i don't care that they beat up females too, but i though they wouldnt touch females and now many...
  3. Letmego

    Disgusted by corona-chan

    What the fuck do i dooooo now. I feel disgusting just listening to music and laying around corona u sick fuck. I don't feel productive at all i cant live like this anymore i have to be productive in some way i feel miserable!!!
  4. Lordgoro

    GOOD NEWS!!! Recovered CORONA victims can get REINFECTED!! HEHE
  5. Lordgoro

    Generation Z SLU-T doing what sl*ts do, with a corona twist!
  6. Lordgoro

    IF this new virus MUTATED, and became a NEW BLACK PLAGUE would you be upset?

    Lets say it developed a 50 percent death rate, would you have ANY regrets or SORROW watching humanity keel over by the billions? Or sit back, laugh, and have a beer watching joyfully, and hoping you were one of the 50 percent immune?
  7. incelguyyyh

    been doing research on how to fight off the corona viruses

    so basically i found out is to help boost your red and white blood cell count by taking certain vitamins and certain foods. your red and white blood cells fight off viruses and help your immune system.