corona virus

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    Governor Cuomo is a fucking idiot

    Dumbass Cuomo still has the city on quarantine even though Covid-19 deaths have lowered, the curve has been flattening for a month now and the Covid-19 morality rate is lower compared to pneumonia, cigarettes related deaths, obesity etc.Does he not realize that he keep this shit up then NYC and...
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    [Update] Coronachan 3,229,814
  3. TheIncelosopher

    I'm not afraid of the Coronavirus, and here's my personal reason why

    People and normies I meet, including my own family, are puzzled on why I have said over and over again, in comparison to the outside society who overreacts like it's the end of the world, I have expressed ZERO concern or fear of the coronavirus. I've made posts before on FB, Reddit and here that...
  4. TheIncelosopher

    Coronachan by itself doesn't bother me. I'm more annoyed by the overreacting Normies.

    I've posted this before in numerous forums. Is it me or am I the only person in the entire world not scared of the Coronavirus? Humanity had endured WORSE. We had the fucking apocalypse that was the Black Plague which destroyed most of Eurasia, we had Smallpox which erased the Aztecs from...
  5. DarkMTS_57

    Prepare yourself before its too late... concercing the Corona virus

    Get supplies and prepare yourself for the great happening. Better be cautious and smart, than not. Specially if you live in a Country, where there have been deaths caused by the Corona virus. Before my Country ( Portugal ) gets hit with Corona virus ( which is bound to happen anyway ), i´ll...