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    Corona-chan 11,007,262

    It reached 11 million boyos! Normies get what they deserve, it's their fault. They can't handle social distancing or keep themselves clean.
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    Corona-chan 9,065,736

    It's growing very fast. Normies still haven't learned about social distancing and keeping themselves clean. XD
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    [Update] Coronachan 3,229,814
  4. TheIncelosopher

    Coronachan by itself doesn't bother me. I'm more annoyed by the overreacting Normies.

    I've posted this before in numerous forums. Is it me or am I the only person in the entire world not scared of the Coronavirus? Humanity had endured WORSE. We had the fuсking apocalypse that was the Black Plague which destroyed most of Eurasia, we had Smallpox which erased the Aztecs from...
  5. DarkMTS_57

    Corona-chan UPDATE!!! - You can´t stop progress ( 200K+ Infected )

    :ghost: WoW Preps me. Buddy boyos, hide yourselves well inside your basements with lots of food, drinks and vidya/anime ( like me lol ) This girl is aiming for the high score.
  6. DarkMTS_57

    Corona-chan UPDATE: 135000 Infected

    At this point... FUCK THE DRIVING LICENSE!!! I WILL REMAIN A POWERFUL NEET FOR THIS ENTIRE DECADE AT LEAST!!!! Now this right here, is the deadliest Karma EVER. All those years of suffering will now befall on those normie bastards. I will rejoice, and live my life to the fullest by playing my...
  7. DarkMTS_57

    Does anyone STILL eat chinese noodles ?

    I bet you by now, all of them have Corona-chan. Even if you boil them, this lousy virus will still manage to survive kek Corona quality noodles. I used to eat a lot of chinese noodles before the virus outbreak. What do you guys think ?
  8. DarkMTS_57

    The Corona Virus Has Finally Hit Portugal, And My Small Village.... How Convenient For ME!

    Do you know whats new ? Two people from my small village got infected with the corona virus. ( One came from Italy LMAO ) I was in shock, when this information got to my ears. For this virus outbreak to get HERE, something is just NOT right. What i´ve been telling you guys with my past threads...
  9. DarkMTS_57

    Game Over for you normie fuckers!!!!

    I am in love with her. She´s the biggest misanthrope besides me.