1. I

    Can we tweak the legal system to help incels without infringing on constitutional rights?

    Doesn't it just make you sick when you hear of stories of these stupid ass Stacy bitches who hook up with ex-criminals instead of law abiding incels?
  2. lonecel

    rate my friend

    he always tells me he fucks all the girls what u think slayer or tales telling secretcel?
  3. ortharzeal

    Cope: a clown world f*id has no added value anyway

    To think of it, any form of interaction between a sub8 man and a f*id that is available in clown world makes it impossible for the man to benefit from it. 1. Lesser """"relationships""" The downsides of inceldom are obvious. Not only are your fundamental human rights (such as oppressing f*ids)...
  4. unfixable

    For those of you who like anime

    Hey, I'm new here. I just finnished watching this blackpilled anime that I really enjoyed and I thought you guys might like it as well (maybe you've seen it already but anyway) The anime's called "Gantz", here's a link: ...and the second season...
  5. Wristlet_2

    Being autistic may very well be worse than being ugly. Or at least a comparably big hurdle. (Autistic cels GTFIH)

    Ofc looks are everything so, by definition, being ugly is worse, but I think being autistic is, at least, comparable. I'm not autistic myself, but for a while I thought I could be due to my social skills being stunted, as well as effects from lifetime constant bullying being kinda similar to...
  6. vanSavage

    Any Guitarcels in here?

    Any incels around who cope by playing guitar? How do they look ;) ?
  7. R

    Female nurses should be obliged to give sex

    Isn't that what their job is about? Making patients feel better? If we acknowledge that involuntarily being a celibate is an abnormal disorder then you should agree with me, in the ideal world this WILL be imposed, this will be a good alternative for prostіtution, since healthcare will be free...
  8. Wristlet_2

    I did an experiment that basically debunked the personality meme

    For context, I am obviously blackpilled and I realize that if you don't look good it's over, however, I think if you're looksmaxxed but not really chad, like chadlite or something, a good personality can help. Looks are first, but if you have the looks to back it up, a good personality can help...
  9. R

    If you had a cock carousel riding sl*t that had been with 100+ men and you could smash against her will, how would you seek revenge?

    I'm curious to know what some of the most blackpilled of us would be capable of doing. I'm a small, beta-man, ex blue-pilled sub 5 that basically has cucked mentality engraved in his brain, so even with a despicable woman as such, I sadly think I would be shy, submissive and treat her nicely. It...
  10. K

    I miss the old days

    Sometimes i find my self drown full of hatred for woman and soyciety , im mean real hate the kind of a mad man , i dont want that .. i dont want to fall that path , to be evil and cold hearted , to be sad ...i dont want to hate woman....but they hate me for what i am .. Im sometimes...
  11. K

    What makes incels ( mentalcells )

    I think people who are incels , are very diffrent in the neurological level , well most of them not all . I think an incel is seeing the world diffrently than other humans see it , i think it has to do with the head , IQwise those people are overanalizing everything they see ...they...
  12. K

    im going to college at 28 , this is my last chance to get a wife for my childrens

    hi everybody , i was a virgin up until 27 yo - did it with an escort so i guess technically im still am kind of a " virgin" , anyway - many years i was a very lonely man , like im mean realy realy lonely guy ...i had no friends but my cousin and he is an incel like me so its not like if...
  13. Carpenter

    Any good cope advise?

    I'm running out of copes to do and i'm feeling like ѕhit today. I already read all new posts here, went to the gym, jacked off twice, listened to some metal and played on my ps4. I have 4 hours till i have to go to sleep and nothing to do. Do you have any unusual copes? Anything that will take...
  14. Tupolev

    Anyone else hooked on tobacco?

    It's my #1 GO TO cope. It all started when i turned 18, and i was an avid outdoor target shooter for sport. Every chance my friend and i got, we would go to the outdoor shooting range to compete for long distance target shooting. All the other guys were using dipping tobacco so i started using...
  15. S

    How do you guys cope? Any hobbies?

    I personally draw quite a bit but nothing good. Thinking of taking up a new hobby like learning a new languag, find out if girls are like this in other countries eventually? Spoiler alert they probably are.
  16. Oogabooga

    Anyone Else feel Less Attraction After being black pilled?

    Basically, I feel much less attracted to foids after the black pill. This isn’t to say I don't at all, because that would just be cope, but rather, flaws in foids ( and to a lesser extent, men) pop out to me more than ever. I think this is a combination of the black pill, as well as the fact...
  17. EdgarTheDog64

    I will never get a woman to swallow my load

    Over 6 billion people have done it, why can't I? I just want a submissive, conservative and clingy virgin woman who'd let me put my load in her mouth. My eyes are so tired of Pοrn, I hаte women. Good afternoon.
  18. Saint Escortcel

    Back sleeping rough out if choice

    Really wish i had a woman to spoon with
  19. OVERbite


    Anyone have thoughts on dogmaxxing? No it’s not what it seems, just that when you have been so lonely and so deprived of any physical contact and companionship for so long due to your ugliness, owning a dog may be a decent cope, because the dog may keep you company and will like you. Also...