1. NoHopeNoFear

    I think I might Faustmaxx

    This life is killing me boyos, I neeeeed to go back or just a massive change to keep going. I'll summon Bathin to help with astral projection but after that, I'm gonna see if I can Faustmaxx. My plan is that I'll live an alternate life where I don't get blackpilled into oblivion but instead...
  2. Che

    Writing Blackpill is The Truth

    At the beginning, blue and red were the only pills. Redpill was drawing from paranoid internet subcultures, inspired by movies such as Matrix and “they live” (Carpenter), the Unabomber manifesto was another source of paranoid thoughts. The redpill communities were full of conspiracy oriented...
  3. EdgarTheDog64

    You will never get this #3

    Chad mormon only
  4. PolishJames

    What's the biggest cope in your opinion