1. NuclearRedfield

    To all the coomers out there, what's your best fap streak in 24 hrs?

    Odd question, i know. What's your best streak? In my coomer days. I did it 18 times in 24 hrs. I had 3rd degree burns on my dick. I heard some guy died from over fapping. What a sad way to go LOL.
  2. AdamKadmon

    “I used to be an adventurer, until I blew out my asshole” boo fucking whooo whore

    Get payed 200 bucks to have a deformed asshole for the rest of your life. Foids really are the lowest of the low
  3. DarkMTS_57

    Is Pornography a jewish fabrication, or inherently part of man´s ego, and they simply exploit such vulnerability ?

    Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Fellow coomers, what do you think about this ?