1. The-Real-Femoid

    Another dumb bitch wanting to talk to an incel

    I keep trying to type something but then I end up rambling, but it'd be cool if one of you wanted to start a conversation with me. I'm just interested because it's offensive to my gender but I also have historically not been the biggest fan of females either. And with being bi- I have pursued...
  2. VladtheInhaler

    How are white, basic, NPC bitches considered desirable by normies?

    Do media-conformed betas really want some uninteresting bimbo so they can reminisce on the time they peaked at 20 and have been falling ever since? Red-pilled self awareness separates the wheat from the chaff of society.
  3. Veritas

    Gentlemen please stop using slurs when refering to women.

    I know you guys feel angry and rejected, noone is more deserving of those feeling than you. You are the only type of victim today which the average person feel is okay to kick laying down, but you can not let that righteous anger poison the conversation. Every time you use slurs to describe...