1. Uncommon

    The left wing are the new nazis...

    80 years ago, the imbeciles nazis were the fascists who used to cancel/censor/destroy everything that they do not liked(books, movies, etc.). Those bastards were ruining everything. But now, the feminists, the jews, the antifa, the black lives matter, the social justice warriors and the lgbt...
  2. Uncommon

    The old videogames and old comics vs woke videogames and woke comics

    20 years ago(and even more time in the past) videogames and comics were made for us: the men who do not have social life, who are virgins , who are heterosexual, and wanted comics and videogames of good quality, so we had good videogames and good comics: But the problem is like 7 years...
  3. Uncommon

    what was in your opinion the 2019 joker?

    cesar romero - the clown jack nicholson - the gangster heath ledger - the anarchist jared leto - the psychopath joaquin phoenix - ??? in your opinion, which joker was joaquin phoenix?