1. азиат со скидкой

    Open relationships are the most dumbest form of relationship to ever exist

    I can't wrap my head about open relationships and the people who actually believe it's a good idea to form one. Basically, in short terms it means that you are voluntarily allowing your partner to be with other people and allow her/him to do anything she/he wants which can range up to sex...
  2. L

    Chads took my girlfriend, then left her

    Okay, So I have been dating this girl for several years okay? She took my virginity. I am your typical nice guy, Only I’m a little short okay? I’m in my twenties and was in college until this happened. Before you guys judge me, please know that this is the only attractive girl who has ever given...
  3. Lordgoro

    YET another IDIOT simp boyfriend with cheating girlfriend..

    Women cheat cause they can get AWAY with it!! And simps allow this .. Fcking disgusting