1. L

    Chads took my girlfriend, then left her

    Okay, So I have been dating this girl for several years okay? She took my virginity. I am your typical nice guy, Only I’m a little short okay? I’m in my twenties and was in college until this happened. Before you guys judge me, please know that this is the only attractive girl who has ever given...
  2. TheIncelosopher

    How do gymcels cope with going to such a Chad infested place?

    I hated gyms, and it's all because of the Chads and jocks. Being forced to watch them flex and workout the muscles given to them by good genetics (and said Chad is likely to be surrounded by Stacies who are also there to stretch and squat their butts for him), all while in such a hot and sweaty...
  3. B

    Just wondering

    I was just wondering how you guys feel about Timothée Chalamet he kinda seems like the opposite of the ideal chad. He’s really skinny, super pale, even his face is unconventionally attractive. Yet every female I’ve talked to seems to have a crush on him. He doesn’t even really have “alpha...
  4. ylime_emily7

    am i weird for being more attarcted to nerds than chads

    I dont really understand. if all women are supposed to be attracted to Chad's then why are me and a lot of other women not
  5. femaleincelx


    i'm so fucking sick of all these men and their fucking standards. that we need to be smooth , not have stretch marks , dont be fucking fat but you better be thicc. fuck you. no matter what i've done i've never been enough to any fucking man. You all claim it's so fucking easy. no matter what...
  6. Spice

    Bullied by chads and some fuсking hoe

    Hello Incels i wanna discuss something that really made me mad so basically i had a arguement with this fucking chad(aka the whiteknight) and this hoe called Kay which implies this hoe is very insane so basically these people were spamming their website called DISCLAIMER: I do...
  7. Sir_LionHeart

    “Just talk to people” Literally every normal person who don’t realise how incel life is, get out bluepills.

    OK, so i’ve talked to a lot of people about my social awkwardness and anxiety, After awhile i realised that women are disgusting idiots. And yet all the time, all i hear is “just talk to people” how? when all women care about is looks. TALKING TO PEOPLE WONT GROW YOU A JAWLINE.
  8. Hidden

    Homeless chads are banging foids.

    Jfl at bluepill and red pill fags saying "just get a nice house, car and a job bro !" Literally, drug addict chad who looks jeremy meeks bang highly educated foids, lmao, normies and soy with high education and payment gonna work hard for m'lady while she is banging homeless drug addict chad...
  9. Hidden

    You shouldn't argue with holes, soys and chads when it comes to blackpill and dating market issues.

    When it comes to try arguing with holes, soys and chads about the black pill and foids nature. They will never understand the black pill. Foids brains are naturally programmed the way that they wont understand us, specially the luxury benefits they have today, they will never know what is feels...
  10. Hentaiking240

    We’ve digressed...

    There used o be no such thing as incels because it was understood men needed sex. All. men. Women knew their duties to serve their purpose. It used to be known that no matter what you as a wife were to fill your husbands sexual needs. Because that’s what they are. NEEDS!! Not wants or desires...