1. Wristlet_2

    I did an experiment that basically debunked the personality meme

    For context, I am obviously blackpilled and I realize that if you don't look good it's over, however, I think if you're looksmaxxed but not really chad, like chadlite or something, a good personality can help. Looks are first, but if you have the looks to back it up, a good personality can help...
  2. Letmego

    I made a mistake and watched a movie with my sister and mother

    ...... It was a mistake, my mother wanted us to have fun and watch a movie together, they choose it...... It was Don Juan de Marco, the greatest lover staring Johnny Depp. I wanted to die, the movie wasn't bad and i like Johnny even tho he's a gigaChad. The problem is both of them were fawning...
  3. Letmego

    If an incel acted like this Chad he would be kicked out immediately

    Mark my words they would kick us out and calls us creepy if we smiled for too long like he is. Katty hole looks infatuated by him lmao.
  4. Letmego

    YouTuber makes Chad and Incel live together in sims 4

    Don't know how to react anymore
  5. Letmego

    I found out my crush is obsessed with a tiktok guy, rate him

    I have an Instagram account because there we have a school group where we share homework and scripts. Im not active but i will look what they're writing from time to time. There was one girl in my class that i was obsessed with (long blue hair, blue eyes and really fit) so no chance. She started...
  6. S


    So essentially there isn’t much to this but I recently have been red pilled by some of my friends and the issues I’ve gone through in my life Let me tell you, my real name is kelvin and I’m 16 I had dated this girl for 2 years and let’s just say I’m not the biggest chad cus Im not a chad at all...
  7. J

    Facial features of a chad or normie? [0-10 poll]

    Just trying to figure out whether I my face features would classify as a chad. Rating 1 to 10 in the poll.
  8. KaiTherminate

    I almost got into fight with 4 douchebags and 2 girls.

    1 week ago - i was going home and there was 4 tall douchebags with 2 hot girls coming front of me and they all stared at me, and that made me so angry i showed them throat-slitting gesture and one of them wanted to punch me in the face but he didn’t - then i was really angry and i was laughing...
  9. LeviathanChris

    I have a new idea + a rant

    Hi, I'm new here and I go by Leviathan. I was thinking that it's the femoids fault that I'm an incel, just think about it, I haven't seen any gay incels. That means that it's the whoreish femoids that reject nice guys like me. I'm tired of getting blocked and rejected by snobbish femoids who...
  10. T

    Experiment Time

    I have decided to put the redpill idea to the test. Although I believe in it, I have been getting more and more doubts about being able to get a foid through "self improvement" or whatever bullshit the media tells us will work. So, I am going to do a 30-40 day test and hit the gym 3-4 times a...
  11. Oogabooga

    St.Disabled Chad Made the Front page of Plebbit

    Based saint disabled chadcel, frame mogged by a brutal dogpill.Jfl. His account, if interested in seeing more
  12. Oogabooga

    Just Spent a few minutes going through a chadfish archive

    Jfl jfl jfl, JFL!!!!!! Foids aren’t people. Humans have the ability to think critically and logically, to control their baser urges and make rational decisions. Foids are critically lacking in this, I don’t know HOW people manage to stay bluepilled after all the painstaking research we’ve done...
  13. LiteralChadPogu

    What are your requirements for a girl?

    Hey guys, I am generally interested in what your prerequisites are for a girl. I've been browsing the forums here and there for a while and am genuinely curious in how you end up coming to this point. Do I disagree with the blackpill statement? Yes, but I wanna understand and get to know people...
  14. M

    Why is my meal deal £5.40

    I am beyond fuming right now. The co-op near my house has always costed me £3.50 for my meal deals in the past but NOT TODAY. I bought my usual wrap and expected a £3.50 charge when the wh*re woman worker with her chad boyfriend in the till next to her told me it was £5.40. FIVE POUNDS FOURTY...
  15. Oogabooga

    Just an Artcel Meme I made some time ago

    Nothing too complex, I used a simple color pallete with highly saturated hues to bring out the contrast of each mark, but the illustration was minimalist for stylistic reasons. I call it “Simply Based”.
  16. femaleincelx

    Female incel problems

    As a female incel , i hate seeing fuсking chads. as if they deserve alll these girls for being assholes. As if i couldn't treat them right , insteas the bimbo bitch wants chad and he wants her. ugh. i can't believe just because they're so narcissitic they all flock together. maybe it's cause im...
  17. T

    What I HATE and why i hate it

    So today i feel like venting had a frustrating day and year and LIFE overall with WOMEN and of course fuсking CHADS!!!!! i cant get a girl to pay fuсking attention to me seems like some people have easy access to them but for me its an impossible task i sit here on my desk annoyed...
  18. O

    Why the hate for "Chad"

    And do you think you could ever become a "Chad"?
  19. F

    What differentials incel, normies and chad?

    I have always wondered what are some factors that lead to this differentiation in people. I'm talking about physical attributes in this situation here. I'm not talking about that oozing with confidence bullshit or personality because that's mediocre and all lies. I know people will say they have...
  20. L