chad only

  1. Stear2700

    Girls from 2007

    I remember 2016-17 in the recess time of my old school I watched that girls playing jumping rope,with cards,with fidget spinners,and the floor is lava.For that time they had inocence,they were cute and very friendly. Today, is the other side of the coin,their inocence is already gone,they listen...
  2. Wristlet_2

    [ERfuel] The worst day in Ellіot Rodger's life. Brutal.

    Brutal tbh. Some normies use this as an example of how Ellіot was entitled etc, but honestly: Notice how, in the ledge, some chads got in there, and then some girls followed and hit on them. Without them doing anything. This was probably commonplace in Isla Vista, Ellіot was used to seeing...
  3. Oogabooga

    Gonna try chadfishing for real

    Do any of you boyos have tips? After swallowing a fairly large black pill earlier today, I‘ve decided it’s time I completely purge myself of any and all blue/red pilled thoughts and become a black pilled god. My IQ is high enough that I’m definitely gonna try and push the shit that my chadfish...
  4. Hidden

    [JFL] Corona chan reveals that "lesbian" foids are just chad sexuals. Foid claimed to be a lesbian bangs her chad roomate.

    Lol @ the holes claming they are le "lesbians" or "homosexuals" boo hoo. They are all chad sexuals. Chad only hoes. Corona chan has been revealing true nature of these holes. It is proven that you see some people's true colors after shit hits the fan. And corona chan proves this...
  5. Oogabooga

    A Secret Weapon

    I was contemplating this the other day, but since many of the smartest men in history are/were incels or had incel traits, then we should in theory be able to develop a solution to this. What I thought of wasn’t a solution per se, but an insteresting experiment we could run. It would involve...
  6. Hidden

    "Shy" Male Student Tries to Make Friends With a Woman and Gets 10 Years in Jail !

    Is it just me or it's getting crazier out there ?
  7. Hidden

    Stacy gets murdered by Chad boyfriend.

    ( P E R S O N A L I T Y ) As its seems women's personality detector malfunctions again. I'm sure its because of personality right ? that why we are here. Its absolutely has nothing to do with your looks silly little inkel, it just so happens that my boyfriend is little bit violent to the point...