#burn foids

  1. daredevils404

    New generations of 'gamer goth girls'

    I know its not a recent thing but its extremley hard looking at everyone from my school and just cringing intensely at these seemingly new wave of 'alternative girls' Shes the opposite of a Stacy, usually coated in makeup so that you cant even recognise her face. She usually goes round...
  2. daredevils404

    Spotting foids in the threads

    I havent been using this account for too long but im extremley frustrated at the amount of blue pilled wh*res trying to wriggle in. Some of them claim to just be curious whereas some of them actually have the nerve to unload their disgusting femdom fetishes on us. women are so stupid to think...
  3. NoHopeNoFear

    Women are worse than Shaytan and his fallen angels.

    I would argue that a lot of the stuff Islam says about Satan and demons are generally a little too exaggerated. Let's look at it this way, for those that entertain or have had visual proof of this things (looking at Slap and Blackguard here) there is an entire plane devoted to deities. God...