1. Augustan Isidor

    Ricecel bullied and gaslighted by bluepillers into submission because he complained about not having a girlfriend.

    I don't know guys, I can sense his toxic personality. I see he has an account on some misogynistic forum posting about harming m'lady.
  2. Spice

    Bullied by chads and some fuсking hoe

    Hello Incels i wanna discuss something that really made me mad so basically i had a arguement with this fucking chad(aka the whiteknight) and this hoe called Kay which implies this hoe is very insane so basically these people were spamming their website called www.hablush.com DISCLAIMER: I do...
  3. Jorami

    What is Your WORST Year in School?

    What is your absolute WORST year(s) in school? Mine was 6 grade, but 4th was awful too. Before I went into 4th grade, I was surrounded by kindness and loving people. But all that changed when I went into a school full of kids straight-out of da HOOD. I was unprepared for the harsh and hostile...