1. zzevaz

    Forum Members

    Why is this forum so dead? Is there a particular incident that led members to leave? Or was it never that big?
  2. Hidden

    Sad ѕhit (Castrated sidking Exposed ITT). Everyone GTFIN.

    Just found some other nasty secrets about this tranny hoe. He deleted it 9 mins later and posted a new one. Pathetic. @AccountError @Apathycel
  3. Hidden

    Sad ѕhit (Castrated Femsaki Exposed ITT)

    I just found some nasty secrets about @Sasaki. He was in prison a year ago. Sad shit. This is the reason he acts like a foid to brocels, especially to our fellow ethniccels. @Sasaki why didn't you told this to us before? We could have helped you, man.
  4. Lanklet

    Haven’t Seen a High School Freshman in Four Months...

    (Summary at bottom if don’t want to read) Yes, you read that correctly. I have been relentlessly contemplating the notion that I haven’t seen a freshman in FOUR MONTHS, though, with good reason I assure. This period of the year normally occupies integral scholarly engagements held in class room...
  5. pussyslayer 649

    Tinder are for chads only jfl

    I made probably more than 15 right swipes and I discovered that only 1 has right swiped me back( this was several months ago,please don’t give me the chad reaction). The girls that I saw in there are 18 to 24 year old attractive white women who would certainly not give me the time of the day and...
  6. EdgarTheDog64

    Another brutal reminder from yours truly...

    It's not that you haven't found your talent yet, you just don't have one at all. Reminder: There are zoomers who can do better than you than you did decades ago.
  7. L

    [NSFW] Low tier normie fuсking a hoe, couldn't even put on a condom.

    Couldn't keep erection and she kept laughing at him. Source : Very poor quality though.
  8. Spice

    Do not trust foids

    Hello brothers im here to tell u that i was made fun of normies but this time in a very painful manner (very brutal) So i was made fun of a normie in a server he just kept chatting shit about me (basically he a owner of it) he just kept making fun of me for being autistic virgin etc then there...
  9. Anakin66

    Whats your worst experience with a foid?

    mine is short but brutal. in the 8th grade we had an end of the year dance called the catillion.(basically middle school prom)this on puerto rican foid who was decently attractive found herself without a date to the dance with only 3 days till the dance.during social studies class she was...