1. B

    Literally just here to learn

    I’m obviously bluepilled but I just wanna listen to your guys side of the story. Tell me about how your life is being an incel, your opinions on anything controversial I don’t really care what. Literally just here to listen. Also I have a poll if anyone wants to contribute on whether incels...
  2. W

    Foid here! :)

    Hi there, I am not going to chastise or swear your view point is wrong because I am not here to argue, I honestly would like to simply understand the core values and beliefs of those who are Blackpilled/Redpilled. I wanted to post in Bluepilled but Foids aren't even allowed to post on your...
  3. Hadaward

    A light at the end of the tunnel ?

    Do you still hope that there are good women out there? How do you relate to women on a daily basis? As your mother or sisters and fem colleagues
  4. H

    Why is this place so blatantly sexist?

    For a group that claims to be nice and not sexist, I'm surprised this website has denied me my right to speak just because I'm female . This is discrimination. And yeah bluepilled people are restricted as well but that's an ideology, so I can understand that, but the fact that even if I was...