1. B

    Just wondering

    I was just wondering how you guys feel about Timothée Chalamet he kinda seems like the opposite of the ideal chad. He’s really skinny, super pale, even his face is unconventionally attractive. Yet every female I’ve talked to seems to have a crush on him. He doesn’t even really have “alpha...
  2. O

    I'd Love To Talk To An Incel!

    Hi! I'm pretty sure you already aware of the fact that I'm a girl or 'femoid'...IDK if I used that right! Anyways, I'd love to have an open dialogue with an incel. Not as an experiment or for me to lecture you, but because I want to have an actual fuсking conversation with some of you because I...
  3. C


  4. TheRedPhoenix

    Chillax bro dog

    You aren't the victim to society, get over yourself. If a girl doesn't like you, that's okay, women don't owe us guys anything. They really don't. Women's existence is not centered around our satisfaction. Perhaps try to be chill person. No one wants a guy who calls them a 'femoid' or a 'stacy'...
  5. M

    Hello, I would like to know if any personal experience made some of you become an "incel"?

    I would like to know if there's people here who actually became incels because of a personal experience, or some type of "traumatic" situation. When did you find out you identified as an incel? How old where you back then? And if you could actually become a Chad right now, would you? Thank you...