blue pill

  1. NuclearRedfield

    White nationalism is cope

    If you're white and sub 8 living in the west. It's fully over for you. Lucking out is almost impossible now a days. If women of your own race are rejecting you and choosing to mix it up with Tyrone's Instead of dating you. Why would you support white nationalism? Even if you happen to join a...
  2. Rey <3

    Female Bluepill and Egalitarian here, ask me anything :)

    Hello my friends! I am a 19 year old student from Europe and a radical feminist (egalitarian to Americans because american feminism is fucked up). I registered to this forum because I am open to getting to know different opinions to mine. In the replies you may ask me any question about my...
  3. Castizo

    Blue Pill foid, troll or delusional?

    This world doesn't need jokes, honk! honk!
  4. Veritas

    Bluepill Tinder poll!

    I am making this poll to see how many of you blue pilled guys use Tinder or other dating apps, the results might give us some valuable insight. Please red pilled people do not cast a vote, this is only meant for blue pilled.
  5. SilentMeadow

    i just realized im an incel

    someone help me come to terms with this. Over the last few years, I've kept going outside to a minimum. I realized that women look at me with disgust. This is killing me inside. How do I cope with this?