1. B

    Black Lives Matter is only for Tyrone.

    Black guys like me and many others ain’t getting news coverage if we get shot up by a cop, or if we get shot up in general. They’ll probably even put the blame on us and say we were armed or some shit, but will spend the next 5 days crying on twitter and shit about some criminal Tyrone who...
  2. Spice

    Black man trips hard on k2 and the blacks bully him while he is having a psychotic experience

    Title says it all, but its funny how all this BLM movement is like everywhere but u have shit like this of course, and no im not a political guy or a Americunt because i hate US, its also funny how Americans make fun of muslims but i mean what can i say?
  3. TournelHenry

    Girl on Twitter pokes fun at a toddler for staring

    Here, a girl posted a tweet poking fun at a little boy (like a toddler) for staring at her butt (which she is obviously showing off for sexual appeal) on a beach. I find this a little inappropriate. Generally, I find the idea of dressing for sexual appeal to get instinctive response from...