1. Che

    Blackpill : facts everybody needs to learn

    Women have requirements, men have preferences. Women choose, men compete. There are solid evolutionary reasons for this. Women are evolutionarily conditioned to heavily discriminate. Men are not. Women are attracted to a narrow set of characteristics that are entirely genetically determined. Men...
  2. coom

    FACEandLMS, CBP, Incel TV, or Wheat Waffles?

    FACEandLMS, CBP, Incel TV, or Wheat Waffles?
  3. Che

    How to Hook Up in 10 Steps (MEN AND TOILETS GTFIH)

    For The Toilets: Step one: Don't be fat Step two: Put on some makeup and style hair Step three: Choose a cute outfit Step four: take photos of yourself in cute poses Step five: Post them on social media Step six: See all the likes and positive reactions Step seven: leave your home Step...
  4. W

    Worst experience you've had with a foid?

    It's over man
  5. ChadAlwaysWins

    If you look at life through a purely logical and objective lens, there really is no point to living if you're aesthetically undesirable.

    Pop-culture and marketing executives have convinced the modern human that "looks don't matter" and "there's more to life than romance", ironically during a period of time where we judge people based off looks alone more than ever before, but I guess you need an IQ above 100 to spot the absurd...
  6. B

    Yeah, Covid may be useful to us temporarily but in the long term it’s terrible.

    I enjoy being home and not having to go to school to deal with being socially excluded and bullied, but think about it. When I open up Instagram I see my classmates having parties on the weekends still, no masks on, hugging, etc. When you try to date a girl there will be even more excuses to the...
  7. N

    Blackpilled 25 y/o incel

    Found this website while sulking over two of my housemates having their girlfriends over A bit about me: Blackpilled 2/10 currycel Student Kissless hugless virgin Called ugly by girls several times Tried several times with both curry girls and anglo girls (curry girl rejection is much more...
  8. B

    Why even keep fighting?

    We will always be outnumbered in any scenario, Just go outside or look in the comments of a feminist post on Instagram. Women will always their degeneracy up and support themselves along with their army of simps/cucks. Everyday I am bullied. I was bullied since young. Even when quarantine was...
  9. pussyslayer 649

    I saw a meme on reddit, a guy completing some games

    There is a meme hat I saw today, a guy completed senior, dark souls 1, 2, and 3 and in the meme there was this “virginity is cool meme”(you guys know the meme right?) the meme is claiming that the person that completed this game has no life and the person USB a virgin because he is putting lots...
  10. DeusIncel

    FACT: if rape was made legal, women wouldnt dress like sluts in public and IT WOULD REDUCE SEXUAL HARASSMENT

    for example, japan has a "sexual harassment problem" and i think its based how they get sexually harassed by nippons and then expect some gaijin mayo white knight to save their ass. fuck you femoid, you're not entitled to Chad, its like if i buy you a lamborghini, you want a ferrari. you should...
  11. DeusIncel

    "asians can't complain about racism because they earn a lot of money"

    by the way this tweet was made by a zoomer so I would take anything he says with a grain of salt its obvious that asians when they are not in their own countries get treated as effeminate because of their feminine looks. well, asians get treated poorly at least in America and probably the UK...
  12. FemoidsGTFO

    Real life Blackpill experience that just came to my mind

    (This is a repost of one of the threads I made on .co, I hope it's ok that I post it here) This memory randomly popped into my head while I was waiting at the bus stop so I thought I might as well share it with you guys. This took place in early 2017, I think in march. We were on a school...
  13. B

    [Blackpill] If online dating is your last resort, then it never began for you.

    If you’re so ugly that you can’t pick up girls IRL, then online dating means nothing. Chances are like more than half of the girls are on there either catfishes, or prostitutes looking to set someone up for a robbery. And the real girls are on those dating apps are really just looking for...
  14. SaltedButter

    [Blackpill] I was blackpilled about 4 months ago because of my ex.

    About 4 months ago, I found out my (now ex) girlfriend of 6 years cheated on me with a coworker. She wanted to save herself until marriage because of her family's religion and I agreed despite being atheist because, well, I loved her and didn't want to pressure her. A year before I found out...
  15. fuckyougenetics

    Sometimes I Dream

    Sometimes I dream about having someone and finally being happy. I pour my heart out and it seems like the best day of my life. I once had a dream where I was so happy I cried. Then I woke up.
  16. Wristlet_2

    Average, non blackpilled males (cucks) are literally society's paypigs JFL

    They finance onlyfans thots lifestyles with their subscriptions They betabux for chad's leftovers after college They pay Tinder subscriptions so it can be free for chads and foids They consume a lot and keep the economy running so chads and foids can live it up, while their lives suck anyway...
  17. Karamelli

    Why Do You Want People That Don't Want You?

    This is kind of a volcel vs incel or blackpill vs redpill type question, but I don't understand why the desire doesn't just fade away for everyone that has no chance. And yeah you can cope, but seeing people that are out of your league and feeling anything other than awe or respect seems like...
  18. Karamelli

    Why Are There No Women In General/Incels Lounge?

    I see women posting in the bluepill room, but none anywhere else, so why? Is it like a safe space for redpilled/blackpilled men type thing? I'm obviously new here but it is an honest question.
  19. Augustan Isidor

    You're never leaving! Stop asking for bans!

    You will never leave this forum, unless of course you ascend or end up roping. Trust me, I've tried. Anyone remember @Castizo? Yeah that's me! Don't ban me @vcelguy, I swear I take my meds! Well shortly after a mental breakdown, I got banned and got sent to an EMS in IRL. Incarcerate in a...
  20. EdgarTheDog64

    This is what social distancing has done to your oneitis and looksmatch

    And pretty much most women out there.